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Car on RoadLooking to save money on your Auto Insurance?


Almost all auto insurance carriers have discounts available for their policyholders. Make sure that the money you have worked so hard to earn, stays in your pocket! Here are a few discounts you should be aware of and ask your agent to discuss!

Paperless Discount: Also known as a “go green” discount. In order to keep costs low and be environmentally kind, opt to receive your billings and statements via email rather than paper mail.

Automatic Payments: Along with your paperless discount, you may reduce your premiums by selecting an automatic payment plan. Whether it is a debit/credit card or an automatic bank withdrawal, you can save money and make sure you don’t miss your payment! Additionally, many carriers offer their best rate for those that pay their premiums in full.

Good Student/Student Away Discount: Students with good grades (usually a B average or better) can earn an additional discount. Most carriers offer this until the age of 25. Does your student go to college over 100 miles away? Make sure to mention this when you talk to your agent as well. Since they won’t be driving your household vehicles as often, you may get a reduced rate.

Defensive Driving Course: If you are age 55+, consider taking an approved Defensive Driving Course. Most drivers find these courses helpful and interesting. The initial course for certification is 8 hours and the renewal courses (required every 3 years) are 4 hours long. Another beneficial way to keep your costs down and your driving skills up!

Bundle your policies: Bundling your home and auto together can earn you an additional discount. This discount will usually apply to both policies as well so always have your policies quoted together if possible. Some carriers also have a one deductible policy so if your home and auto are damaged together, you only pay one deductible!


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